How my grandparents met?

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    On the phone line I was talking with my aunt who is my father’s younger sister, I was sitting on the ground near the phone absorbed in her words witch were full of magic powers and combined with a sweetish feeling.

    It’s a short love story which happened about sixty or more years ago. The story was about how destiny arranged a seventeen-year-old boy met his future wife. Try to picture this: a train of horses which called caravan was on the way of their trading route A young boy, named馬來正, was among the caravan. About ten years old he joined the trading team and four years later he received his first horse. Now he was fifteen, and he was traveling everywhere in China and its neighboring countries with other members. As usual they took a rest in a small noodle stand. After finishing lunch and taking a break the caravan was about to start another journey.

     Oops! A strong wind blew away the boy’s hat. The noodle vendor’s daughter, 馬鳳英, saw it accidentally and went to pick it up while the boy went to pick it up too. Suddenly when they both bent down in order to pick up the hat they touched each  other by the fingers. Believe me, it was really a “big” thing in 1940s while it seems to be ordinary and common for us nowadays. As soon as they were aware what had happened, they hesitated for a while. In the end, it was the girl who first picked up the hat and said, “Mr. Ma, this is your hat.” This is the first encounter and the first conversation that the boy and girl had.

     However, the boy was already engaged to a girl who came from a wealthier background. It was arranged by a matchmaker. Unfortunately, on the eve of the wedding the bride’s family found that the boy had drinking habit and they finally decided to call off this wedding. After a period of time, the vendor’s daughter came to the boy’s mind. He started to look for the girl and asked his vice-boss to be a matchmaker. In the end, they got married.

My aunt voice stops at here. It seems like I just waked up from a magnificent dream.

Actually this is a short love story about my grandparents, which took place in Burma_60 years ago.


Picture Story (at 忠孝西路)

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picture story ulrica.2

Camera Street

picture story ulrica.1


picture story ulrica.3

 Underground Food Courts

I went to take some pictures for my English project on May 17, 2009. I chose Taipei MRT Main Station as my target. Today, I’m going to show you my works.

It was 2 o’clock in the afternoon when I went out from the MRT station. I was about to finish my shooting, and then something happened suddenly. I found that my camera didn’t work. At that time, when I was worried and nervous, something flashed into my head. “Isn’t there a camera street nearby?” I felt hopeful and started my adventure of Taipei train station to have my camera fixed.

Have you ever looked for a place you have never been? If you have, you would understand how I felt during the adventure. Finally, by using my sense of direction, I arrived the street where I could have my camera repaired. When it was done, I was relieved and had a sense of accomplishment. I had never been to the camera street before. But now, I would never forget it ever.

 Now I am here at my second destination—bushiban. It’s said that bushibans are a second home for many high school students in Taipei. Bushibans, also called cram schools, are believed to be able to help students learn more clearly. Students. Those students studying in Bushibans are hard working, aren’t they? If you are interested in bushibans, why not just pay it a visit?

After wandering on the streets and taking photos for 2 hours, I felt thirsty and hungry. I decided to go underground to get something to eat. I arrived my last destination of this trip – Underground Food Court. I soon found a vendor selling coffee bread which smelt fantastic, so I bought one of them. As soon as I took a bite, I felt satisfied with the coffee flavor and taste inside the bread. Next time when you have a chance to come here, try some.

It is end of my trip experiment. I hope you like it.


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This is my family tree 



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This is my life map

Life Map_Ulrica


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This is a real story about me. It introduces my life and my past. Try to read it, and you will know more about me.
I was born on May 28, 1993.
Now, let me try my best to tell you “Who am I? ”

I’m an ordinary student, but maybe some don’t consider my family ordinary. When I was about four or five years old, Um … I forget when my parent divorced. when people hear this, they tend to felt sorry and think I might have been hurt. Actually, it is opposite. I thought couples should be happy when they are together, if not, I think break-up won’t be a bad thing. I’m not afraid of talking about this with other people because I think I have the greatest mother in the world. And that’s enough. My mother’s thinking and behaviors influence me very much. Although I’m not as good as she expects, and sometimes we have quarrels, I still know that she is the one who loves me, cares about me the most.

I consider, myself a capricious girl, and I try to amend this bad individuality. I have made progress as well. I’m interested in almost every exercise. I like reading novels, something about science or medical books, chatting with my close friends, And I enjoy sampling tasty food.

The next part I want to share with you is “What in life means to me”.
To me, life means present. I should exert all my strength to reach all my goals; friends have been acting a big part since I was six in elementary school. I can’t live without friends.

Last, I want to tell you something I visualize in the future. My ambition is to be a serviceable person. Now I think you have known me better, after finishing this reading.
This is a short story about me, Ulrica.

Bio Poem

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medium-sized, long-haired, petite

peppy, crazy, friendly, adventureful

Student of Li Shan senior high school

Lover of novels and jogging

Who feels excited

Who likes dogs and making friends

Who fears cockroaches and spiders

Who wants to go to Europe in the future

And whose greatest dream now is be a good senior high school student.


(First name
Write four adjectives to describe your physical characteristics

Write four adjectives to describe your character or personality

Student of…

Lover of …

Who feels…

Who likes…

Who fears…

Who gives…

Who wants to (be, see, or do what?) in the future…

And whose greatest dream now is…..

Last name)

Little things about me

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This is my first blog which use in English,

so, let us have some chat “Talk about me”.

I’m a senior high school student from Taiwan,

and why I created this blog?

Because, a class  which is our school’s special project.

This project is school’s way to help us(students)  learn more about our subject,

then, we  go to the subject which we chooes.

The reason of why I chose this subject ——– English, is that I want to practice my English ( this language isn’t my  original language , but it become more useful in the world) ,but I think I didn’t do it in good  job(this is realy truth).  

In the future, I should work hard to prove my English.



Obstacles will help us become stronger.



Learning from mistakes, it’s the most way I need going through.